“Fascinating undertones and range.

Judicious violin.”

~ Penguins Eggs Magazine

“A joy to work with! Laurel brings the highest level

of talent and professionalism to her art.”

~ Kevin, wedding client

“An exceptional teacher! Knowledgeable, patient, and insightful with specific strategies to improve my technique. I am looking forward to continuing to realize the great results that

outstanding teaching can bring.”

~ Kathy, viola student

Hey Friends!

I hope everyone is staying safe and doing what they can to stay positive and connected with family, friends, and our communities through these crazy times. Unfortunately, all my tours for the US, Canada, and Europe in 2020 and 2021 have had to be postponed until further notice. However, as of summer 2021 here, I am starting to enjoy the welcome inklings of a post-pandemic life, which have included a few private outdoor performances at weddings and other events, and a few long hikes with dear friends I haven’t seen in person in well over a year. Unfortunately, change is the only “normal” we can count on it seems, and with cases rising again and masks returning after just a month’s respite here in California, I’m glad I haven’t bothered starting to book tours or indoor concerts yet. Please check my calendar for future concert dates. I hope to see you then, or even sooner if that becomes possible.

For now, I continue to be available virtually for private and public concerts, remote recording from my home studio, and violin, viola, and fiddle lessons via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Since most of my students are out of the area/international (even prior to the pandemic as reported a decade ago by The New York Times), online teaching has thankfully been business as usual for me. I’m thinking that I may in fact never return to in-person teaching for some of the reasons outlined in this recent session of  the FAR-West Teaches webinar series.

I outlined some of my favorite pros of online teaching in this post I wrote a few years ago when I was celebrating the ten year anniversary of teaching my first online students. I find it’s just more efficient and actually usually more effective as I get to address all the same technical and musical issues as I do in person and we get to use the entire lesson time for learning rather than loosing ~10 minutes getting in and out the door, not to mention of course the impossibility of spreading germs!

Please reach out to me if you want to take your playing to the next level with some private lessons, are a songwriter, band, or ensemble and want to have me overdub a violin part, or an entire string quartet (yes, I can do viola and cello too!) on your new song or album, or if you’re a fan and are interested in booking me for a virtual concert to enjoy along with your family and friends.

I also offer virtual coaching for musicians struggling with performance anxiety, chronic pain, or interested in making the leap to the next level of their career, including musicians getting ready to record their first album, Classical musicians hoping to branch out and explore a wider range of musical avenues, and coaching for private music teachers, particularly those interested in setting up a successful online studio (the online portion of my studio has been going strong for over a decade now!). I love brainstorming, troubleshooting, and would be honored to help you reach your next goal.

I also invite you to enjoy all the resources and music I offer on my site, including my albums, my courses on a variety of violin and viola technique topics, my Violin Geek blog and podcast. I’ve enjoyed recording new podcast episodes recently, including a “DIY Empowerment” episode with Justine Lucas of Madwoman Productions for tips on creating more compelling media at home.

As I ramp up to release the fifth duo album of Dan and Laurel in the Fall 2021, I’m spending my free time creating new music videos and re-building all the websites, so it was perfect timing to have Justine’s boost of creativity and passion.

For concert venues and clients interested in booking me for their weddings and other events, I am tentatively booking dates later in 2021 and beyond. Hopefully tours can resume in 2022! To get in touch about any of these possibilities, please email me at laurel@laurelthomsen.com



Genre-defying violin, viola, and vocal performance,

instruction, and recording.