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The Fresh Hills of Cein Mhic Cainte.

Laurel’s version of the traditional Irish tune as recorded on the Sweetfire CD.

Arranged for violin and guitar.

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The Fresh Hills of Cein Mhic Cainte.pdf

A La Nanita Nana

Laurel’s version of the 19th century Spanish carol.

Arranged for String Quartet.

Click here access the practice and performance audio tracks and the sheet music: https://laurelthomsen.bandcamp.com/album/a-la-nanita-nana

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Educational Courses for Violin and Viola Players:

Complete Vibrato Mastery

•Develop a consistent and beautiful vibrato on your violin or viola, from the beginning stages of the technique through advanced applications

•Fix vibrato issues that may have previously held you back, such as a vibrato that is too fast or too slow, inconsistent, non-existent, as well as issues with particular fingers and mobility

•Understand and apply the most appropriate vibrato for each historical time period and musical situation

•Apply the right kind of vibrato to fiddle waltzes and airs, plus, add a dose of cool with a Rock and Blues vibrato technique

•Plus, educational articles, printable PDF practice outlines, and a detailed six month weekly practice program PDF ensure you are organizing the various exercises effectively, all the while seeing and hearing your progressive achievements.


Improve Your Bowing Technique

Learn how to develop a natural bow hold and master the most common bows strokes, including detaché, spiccato, sautillé, and ricochet.


Improve Your Violin & Viola Technique

Learn how to master vibrato, shift, hold your violin or viola without tension, and play with great intonation.