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J.S. Bach’s Partita #2, the Gigue, edited by Laurel with fingerings and bowings.

From the episode Choosing fingerings.


Book list from the Repertoire for the do-it-yourself beginner episode:

Technique Books: (Good for the shelves of all players. All are applicable to violinists and violists)

-Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching, by Ivan Galamian

-The Teaching of Action in String Playing: Developmental and remedial techniques for violin and viola, by Paul Rolland

-Basics: 300 Exercises and Practice Routines for the Violin, by Simon Fischer

-The Twelve Lesson Course: A New Approach to Violin Playing by Kato Havas (You might consider also purchasing the companion book: A New Approach to Violin Playing)

Rote method books: (Focuses on music reading through exercises and short pieces. May need supplementation with technique books and/or videos.)

-Sound Innovations for String Orchestra (both violin and viola versions available)

-Countless others, all roughly the same idea

Repertoire type method books: (Offers a progressive series of repertoire. May or may not teach music reading or specific technique. May need supplementation for these.)

-Suzuki Method by Shinichi Suzuki (The ABRASM series is comparable, and now also comes with audio CDs)

-Mark O’Connor Fiddle Method by Mark O’Connor (now also available for viola)

-American Fiddle Method by Brian Wicklund (both violin and viola versions available)

Repertoire supplements:

Fingerboard Geography by Barbara Barber

Fiddle Magic by Sally O’Reilly

Fiddle Rhythms by Sally O’Reilly

Music Theory:

Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, book and 2 CDs (Alto clef version now available as well.)

Technique video links from the episode: (Applicable to violinists and violists.)



Intonation Workout Pages:

Intermediate Intonation Workout #1.pdf

Intermediate Intonation Workout #2.pdf

Intermediate Intonation Workout #3.pdf

Intermediate Intonation Workout #4.pdf 

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