Complete Vibrato Mastery

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Through over 50 video lectures and PDFs violinist/violist Laurel Thomsen shows you how to:
• Develop a consistent and beautiful vibrato on your violin or viola, from the beginning stages of the technique through advanced applications
• Fix vibrato issues that may have previously held you back, such as a vibrato that is too fast or too slow, inconsistent, non-existent, as well as issues with particular fingers and mobility
• Understand and apply the most appropriate vibrato for each historical time period and musical situation
• Apply the right kind of vibrato to fiddle waltzes and airs, plus, add a dose of cool with a Rock and Blues vibrato technique
• Enjoy printable practice outlines and a detailed six month weekly practice program to ensure you are organizing the various exercises effectively, all the while seeing and hearing your progressive achievements.

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Improve Your Bowing Technique

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All the video guides from the highly popular Improve Your Bowing Technique series together in one complete edition.
Use this helpful 10-part guide to discover:

  • How to master martelé & other stopped bow strokes
  • How to master detaché & other bouncing strokes
  • How to achieve the best tone
  • How to improve your tone at higher speeds
  • How to master bouncing strokes
  • How to master the chop
And much more!

Includes a step-by-step video tutorial. Just $29.99!

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Improve Your Left Hand Technique

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All the guides from the popular Improve Your Violin & Viola Technique series together in one complete edition.

Use the detailed instruction in this 5-part guide to discover:

  • How to Develop a Strong Internal Sense of Pitch
  • How to Play in Tune in High Positions
  • How to Master the Mechanics of Vibrato
  • How to Control Your Shifting
  • How to Hold Your Instrument Without Tension

This complete edition comes with 51 minutes of video tuition. Just $11.99!

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Need more help with your playing? Besides her in-person studio, Laurel offers private violin and viola lessons online via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Please visit her general Teaching page as well as her Online Lessons page for more information.

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