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This is a very good question, and a tough one! Though it might seem obvious at first - yes, of course we want to play with good technique, the answer is actually much more nuanced. This question was posed by the mother of a very young child, who, although ...

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People are starting to hit the road again, but what does this mean for our instruments? In this episode of the Violin Geek Podcast, I'm sharing tips for safely getting your instrument ...

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While subdividing can always present challenges, both mentally as well as physically in our playing, encountering large and/or irregular note divisions in our pieces can be particularly daunting.

For example, consider the final phrases of Jenö ...

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Pain and injury related to playing a musical instrument like the violin, viola, ...

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Scientists believe that amusia, or "tone-deafness," effects only about 4% of the population, yet unfortunately, a lack of early exposure and training in music can lead many to assume that they must be tone-deaf if they can't sing in tune ...

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