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In this supplemental video series of the Violin Geek Podcast, I'm sharing a variety of simple warmups, mobility exercises, and massage techniques to help musicians and non-musicians avoid tension related to playing or daily life habits, and possibly ...

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Scientists believe that amusia, or "tone-deafness," effects only about 4% of the population, yet unfortunately, a lack of early exposure and training in music can lead many to assume that they must be tone-deaf if they can't sing in tune ...

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With my first email address in the early 2000s came an inbox full of musician scams. The "opportunities" seem to come in waves. Sometimes I'll get five in a month. Other times, they'll forget about me for five years.

The premise of ...

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In this episode of the Violin Geek Podcast I chat with Dr. Cora Cooper, professor of violin, viola, chamber music, and string pedogogy at Kansas State University, and the editor of "Violin ...

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In this Violin Geek Podcast episode we hear from Maura Shawn Scanlin, a Boston, MA based Classical violinist and fiddler who is bridging musical worlds with incredible poise and grace. Her new album, "Counting Down the Hours," with her duo ...

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