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Dan Frechette and I enjoyed two CD release shows this past week for our latest album “Between the Rain.” We’re very happy with how the recordings turned out, feeling it showcases a further integration of our individual talents and chemistry while presenting hints at many styles of roots music in a polished, yet powerfully raw sound.

Thematically, we share personal themes such as love, music, and touring, as well as several contemporary “folk” topics, including increasing wealth disparity, personal empowerment, and social responsibility. Some songs venture into new musical territory, while others are throwbacks to simpler times and early rock music.

Laurel’s violin soars throughout the twelve new compositions, weaving catchy melodies through a range of Gypsy Jazz, Celtic, Folk-Rock, and Appalachian sounds. Dan develops his orchestral style of acoustic guitar playing further, offering up unique chord progressions, lead and bass lines, and a nod to his Blues, Bluegrass, and Rock influences with songs featuring slide, flat picking, as well as electric guitar throughout the 43 minute album.

Similarly, we feel our voices blend with the richness achieved on earlier albums, but with increased subtlety, honed over now four years on the road together. Individually as lead vocalists, we were happy to showcase a deepening ability to convey honesty and emotion. That’s the point of our music making after all. Find it in our online store.

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